Packaging Consulting

Packaging is strategic to Nefab. We continuously develop our know-how and capabilities to provide our customers with packaging solutions that improve their businesses. Our expertise in packaging design and packaging logistics is part of the solutions we offer, but can also be offered as a separate consultancy service.

Engineering Services

Nefab has Engineering Centers and testing facilities in Europe, America and Asia and we support customers to design and validate new or existing solutions. Our engineering services includes packaging, laboratory testing, as well as Finite Element Analysis. 

Packaging Design FEA Testing

Environmental Analysis

We provide comprehensive environmental and life-cycle analysis of packaging solutions. For our customers this provides a clear view of the environmental impact of their packaging solutions as well as alternative solutions to reduce their carbon footprint.

 Life-Cycle Analysis

Optimization Programs

We have extensive experience of improving our customers’ packaging situations. With our optimization program we analyze the current situation through pre-defined processes and tools and reengineer packaging solutions that reduce your total logistics cost.

Pack Audit

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