Packing Services

Operations should be lean and hassle-free. Nefab offers a set of packaging services that enables customers to focus on their core products and processes to grow their business. Packing, kitting, warehousing, just-in-time delivery, and containerization are examples of services that we custom build to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

On-site Packing

Nefab will bring materials and a crew to the customer site and pack the products that need to be shipped.

In-house Packing

The item needing to be packed is brought to a Nefab facility for packing. The packages are redistributed according to the customer’s request.


Flat Racking & Containerization

Nefab helps the customer to pack complex items on skids and or secure them inside containers. This method is used for items too large or too heavy to fit into standard ocean containers. The items are properly loaded and secured to a flat rack container.

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